1) Verify System Requirements and Check Compatibility

So, before you go any further, make sure that the target drive is in tip-top shape. In the hurry to update to a new OS, this is another crucial step that individuals often forget. It doesn't matter what backup method you choose; Time Machine , your favorite third-party backup application , or a clone of your startup drive and all of its data.

Bug fix update for OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion

The important thing is to have a current backup in case anything goes wrong during or right after the installation. Delaying the installation for a few minutes to perform a backup is better than frantically trying to recreate your data because the power went out during the installation process. Although it's not required for the upgrade install of OS X Mountain Lion, a bootable copy of the Mountain Lion installer is a handy thing to have around.

With it, you can perform a clean install of Mountain Lion on your Mac's startup drive , as well as boot from and run Disk Utility and other emergency tools. The installer will upgrade your current OS you must be running Snow Leopard or later to Mountain Lion , while leaving all of your user data in place.

The installer will also leave most, if not all, of your applications, system preference settings, and application settings in place. The upgrade install is the most common method of installing a new OS. The advantage is that it doesn't wipe out your existing data, so you can get back to work or play faster than if you perform a clean install.

The Mountain Lion installer is capable of performing a clean install on any startup or non-startup drive.

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Unlike a clean install on a startup drive, which requires you to create bootable media first, there are no special techniques required for a clean install on a non-startup drive. The clean install process on a non-startup drive assumes that your target drive doesn't contain an OS. For this guide, we'll also assume that you've recently completely erased the target drive, so that this is truly a clean install.

The advantage of a clean install is that you're not carrying over any old data that may be corrupt or incompatible with OS X Mountain Lion; that in fact, you're starting clean. That means your user data and apps aren't being copied as part of the installation routine. Once the install is complete, you will have a drive that is in almost the same condition as the day you purchased your Mac, except that it now has OS X Mountain Lion installed as the OS. It would be nice to have other suggestions from those that know added to this list.

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If you want to clean out caches and force your mac to run its daily, weekly and monthly maintenance scripts, Onyx is a great and free tool for the job. There are a lot of other useful features it can perform to. I will try to do a follow on article to the above on ONYX very soon. Greg Webernets Webmaster. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam.

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